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Forensic Accounting Services

Our experienced team is knowledgeable with the legal concepts and procedures necessary to better strengthen financial evidence in family law and business litigation.  We use various models to investigate and analyze financial evidence to develop reliable reports and exhibits of our findings.  Further, we are available to assist in legal proceedings,, including testifying in court as an expert witness and preparing exhibits to support trial evidence.

Business Valuations

There are cases when partners leaving a business are at an impasse in agreeing how much their share of a business is worth, as well as the value of the business itself.  Also, the value of closely held businesses can be considered a significant financial aspect in divorce disputes.  We are experienced and professionally trained to examine the financial aspects of a business and provide a sound valuation for a settlement negotiation.  This allows our clients to open and pursue discussions with confidence.

Litigation Support

Whether our clients need professional advice involving pending or existing litigation, we offer many years of experience in business valuation and forensic accounting services to provide the best litigation support possible for our clients.  Additionally, we offer our extensive experience as an expert witness for multiple jurisdictions within Georgia.

Collaborative Law

Partnering with our clients and their legal counsel, we provide support as a financial neutral in reaching a positive resolution between each party.  An advantage of retaining the services of a seasoned neutral is that clients are empowered with a clear understanding of the financial aspects of their case.  They can express their needs and wants more adequately.  Families with children also potentially have a better developed parenting plan.  A team approach to designing a roadmap for the next chapter in clients' lives offers more viable resolutions for all parties involved.

Mediation Services

Mediation is a collaborative approach to reaching a successful agreement between two parties with the help and guidance of an experienced third party.  The client becomes empowered by being able to contribute to an agreement which will affect them for many years to come rather than leaving the decision to a judge to impose on them.  Not only is this method cost effective for the parties involved, but it also minimizes the length of time needed to reach a resolution and lessens the impact of the life event for any children involved.  Let us help guide you down the path of your next journey.


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